Kaitlin Scirri

Writer and Editor

Buffalo, NY

Kaitlin Scirri

I am a writer and editor with a B.A. in Writing from SUNY Buffalo State. I am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. My first children's book was published in January 2018 by Cavendish Square Publishing. I am a ghostwriter for a women's health and wellness blog and formerly a ghostwriter for a K-8 Catholic school. I also write for a personal finance website.


The Science of Invisibility and X-Ray Vision (Science of Superpowers)

This is part of an educational science series for ages 8-11.

The Science of Controlling Electricity and Weather (Science of Superpowers)

This is part of a science series for ages 8-11.

Property Rights (Civic Values)

This is part of an educational series on Civic Values for ages 7-10.

Mammogram Myths Debunked!

Most of us know someone who has been affected by breast cancer. Over a quarter of a million mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and friends are expected to be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2018. It is a staggering number and a frightening disease. So what can we do to protect ourselves?

Anti-Cancer Foods: What to Add to Your Diet (and What to Take Out!)

An important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is having a well-balanced diet. Getting the right amount of nutrients is essential to keeping a healthy weight, combating fatigue, and avoiding illness. But what about serious illnesses like cancer? Can diet really have an impact on the body’s ability to fight cancer?

Is your child getting enough sleep?

An all-too-familiar struggle for parents is that of bedtime. It can be so hard to get your kids to turn off the electronics, put the toys away, and settle down for a good night’s sleep. It can be tempting to let your kids stay up “just a few more minutes.”. But, according to the National Sleep Foundation, missing just 30 to 60 minutes of recommended sleep can have adverse effects on kids.

Benefits of K-8 Schools

When considering where to enroll your children for school, you will likely be faced with the decision of public vs. private schools. While each have their benefits, we’d like to highlight for you one of the key benefits of choosing a private Catholic school like Saint Cecelia. Saint Cecelia is a K-8 school, meaning students continue in the same school from kindergarten until eighth grade when they are ready to transition to high school.

Jobs for Medical Students: 9 Best Places to Work During Med School

Besides income, you’ll also gain clinical experience in these positions. The next best option for medical students is to find an on-campus job. There are some restrictions on working while in medical school, though they generally apply to residents. In this article, we’ll outline the work restrictions that apply to medical residents and give you a list of the best jobs available for medical students.

Where to Sell Old Magazines (List of 6 Buyers) & What They’re Worth

So you’ve cleaned out your attic and found a box of old magazines and newspapers. Before heading off to the recycle bin, consider that you might be able to sell some of those old magazines or newspapers for cash. There are stores that buy and sell old magazines as well as private collectors who are sometimes willing to pay for rare magazines or news articles depicting certain events or celebrities.

When Is the Best Time for a Child to Learn a Second Language?

We live in a global community, with electronics and the internet connecting us more closely than ever before. Our communities are no longer contained within neighborhoods or cities but consist of millions of people throughout our country and countries all over the world. Foreign language skills are more important now than they’ve ever been before.

Tips to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

With summer comes a lot of excitement including warm weather, outdoor activities, and family vacations. But for parents, it can also come with worry over summer learning loss for your child. These concerns are not unfounded as studies show that on average students lose two months of reading skills and over two months of math skills during summer vacation.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

All writers get it. All writers hate it. We often don’t know what to do about it. Yep, I’m talking about the dreaded Writer’s Block! As a writer, I have personally experienced this most annoying of hindrances when it comes to my work. In this post, I will share some methods that I have found helpful for overcoming that blank page inside your head and getting the words flowing again.


Kaitlin Scirri

After years of working in a professional customer service environment, I decided to go back to school in pursuit of a degree in the field I am most passionate about. In May 2017, I received my B.A. in Writing from SUNY Buffalo State. I am a published author, and I have experience in freelance writing across a variety of industries. I also blog, review books, and offer writing and editing services on my website, Please feel free to connect should you have a need for a writer, editor, or to talk about books!